PipelinePRO Launches Lucrative Certified Partner Program

PipelinePRO Launches Lucrative Certified Partner Program - Leading provider of CRM solutions for small businesses, PipelinePRO, has launched a Certified Partner Program to help its members maximize their income.

NAPLES, Fla., Nov. 24, 2023 PipelinePRO offers a complete suite of tools designed to give small businesses the resources they need to succeed. PipelinePRO members can apply to become certified partners on PipelinePRO technology and sell and implement all aspects of PipelinePRO software for business owners worldwide. The new PipelinePRO Certified Partners program allows certified partners to sell the company's software and their signature Google Maps Domination lead generation services to business owners worldwide. The PipelinePRO Certified Partners program is one of the most lucrative SaaS partner programs, as partners can offer a combination of software and services.

The PipelinePRO Certified Partner program provides the tools, training and technology to build a lucrative full-time income. Far from the average SaaS Partner Program, PipelinePRO's Certified Partner Program offers many unique benefits, including business growth services. Those approved for the program receive their own certified Partner website, monthly product training by PipelinePRO Product Specialists and The Google Maps Team, and monthly sales and marketing training from Pipeline Founder and CEO Andrew Cass. But that's not all. PipelinePRO handles all the fulfilment of software, set-up services, Google Maps services, and customer services. To earn an income, certified partners only need to focus on acquiring customers.

When asked about the motivation for launching the program, CEO of PipelinePRO, Andrew Cass, said: "We created the certified Partner Program to teach partners how to master the PipelinePRO Technology so they can make money by sharing the software with business owners worldwide and implementing it for them."

The PipelinePRO Certified Partner Program hosts two training workshops in Miami each year. The first one took place on (insert date). The next workshop is scheduled for September 22nd and 23rd in Coral Gables, Florida. The new partners are excited about the program. One certified partner said: "The thing that attracted me most to becoming a PipelinePRO Certified Partner is that PipelinePRO helped me make a lot of money in my business. This service can help everybody. Since I have first-hand experience with the amazing benefits of the software, it will allow me to sell it confidently. The best part about this workshop is connecting with Andrew and the sales team. You get a feel of the product and how they sell."

Applications are still open for the upcoming PipelinePRO Certified Partner Workshop. For further information visit: https://www.gopipelinepro.info

About PipelinePRO:

PipelinePRO is a leading provider of CRM solutions for small businesses. Its innovative platform is designed to be easy to use and affordable, providing small businesses with the tools they need to manage their sales and grow their customer base. PipelinePRO is headquartered in Naples, Florida.