Time is Running Out: All MDD Certificates Expire May 26th, 2024

Time is Running Out: All MDD Certificates Expire May 26th, 2024

All MDD certificates are set to expire on May 26th, 2024. To continue manufacturing devices after this date with a CE mark OR to import them into the EEA, devices must either have an MDR certificate OR have an MDD extension per MDR Amendment 2.

ROSEVILLE, Minn., May 15, 2024 Sell-Off

Within the EEA, MDD products that have already been placed on the market may continue to be sold or put into service indefinitely unless limited by shelf-life/ expiration date. Selling off to countries outside the EEA will depend on the local market requirements and must be assessed individually. Please note that there are countries outside the EEA that also require MDD products to be placed on the market prior to May 26th, 2024.

"Companies need to track their MDD products currently selling in the European Union and understand that anything restocked after May 26th needs to be MDR compliant," said Tracy Eberly, CEO of Fang Consulting.

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