New High School & Post Grad Women's Soccer Program Launching at SPIRE Academy

New High School & Post Grad Women's Soccer Program Launching at SPIRE Academy

SPIRE Academy is launching a women's soccer training program starting in Fall 2024, demonstrating the institution's commitment to athletic excellence and diversity. Following the success of the men's soccer program introduced last year, Director Sean Lane highlighted the increasing demand for a women's program and emphasized the global appeal of the initiative, with recruitment efforts spanning the US, England, and Australia. The academy plans to compete in leagues and tournaments, actively seeks a female head coach, and aims to provide a supportive environment for female athletes to excel both academically and athletically.

GENEVA, Ohio, Dec. 4, 2023 SPIRE Academy has announced its newest initiative – a women's soccer training program, beginning Fall 2024. This marks a significant stride in SPIRE's ongoing commitment to athletic excellence, building on the success of SPIRE Academy's men's soccer program launched just last year. Director Sean Lane recently discussed the genesis of the program, citing the escalating demand for a women's program, which was always part of the strategic growth plan for SPIRE Academy.

Acknowledging the increased interest and the program's alignment alongside the victorious men's soccer program, Lane stated, "The school remains dedicated to fostering greater diversity across its sports offerings. We are proud that our incoming 2024-25 athletes will train alongside young women who already attend our wrestling, basketball, swimming and track & field programs."

The school remains dedicated to fostering greater diversity across its sports offerings.

With the tremendous success of SPIRE FC Cleveland, the SPIRE Academy men's program, local Geneva soccer clubs and the strong relationship with Challenger, SPIRE is solidifying its position as a leader in soccer. The expanding camp/academy business further underscores the dedication to building a soccer program that encompasses well-rounded athlete development at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Recruitment for the SPIRE Academy women's team is in full swing, Lane highlighted the program's broad appeal, noting interest from talented players from the US, England and Australia, showcasing SPIRE's commitment to forming a globally diverse competitive team.

Tryouts for the SPIRE FC women's team have concluded with plans in place to compete in leagues and showcase tournaments.

Emphasizing the importance of the female coaching staff, Lane expressed the school's active pursuit of a female head coach, stating, "When you talk about diversity and opportunity…you need to strive for the same thing at a coaching level." SPIRE aims to create an environment where female athletes can excel both academically and athletically.

SPIRE also plans to host exclusive women-only soccer camps tailored to the specific needs of female players. Lane underscored the unique dynamics of coaching young women, highlighting their attentive dedication to the sport.

As SPIRE gears up for this groundbreaking program, Lane conveyed his excitement about the impact it will have. "This new opportunity for soccer players is second to none." SPIRE's unparalleled facilities, academics, performance training and student residency program are ready and waiting to welcome women's soccer to its campus.

Jeff Javorek, Head of Athletics at SPIRE, echoed Lane's enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to announce the addition of a women's soccer team here at SPIRE. We have been investing in the growth of women's sports in all of our programs. Our goal is to create opportunities for female athletes to develop, grow, and achieve their peak potential."

Anyone interested in learning more about any of SPIRE Academy's groundbreaking soccer programs can do so by visiting the SPIRE Academy website.