Have you tried some yet? Introduction of Korean premium seafood

Premium seafood from Korea with "K-SEAFOOD GLOBAL WEEKS" is back in the U.S.!

Korean Fishery brand, K-FISH, promoted premium Korean seafood with special events in November in the U.S. with "Overseas B2C with KGW (K-Seafood Global Weeks)".

NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2023 The launch in 2017 of the Korean Fishery's national brand, K-FISH, aimed to promote the quality of Korean seafood and enhance its global competitiveness. Each year since then, the Korean Fishery office has held three-week-long promotions in many countries entitled, "K-Seafood Global Weeks." This year's extensive efforts continued to include B2C (business to consumers) by introducing Korean seafood products to consumers online as well as offline. These special showcases ran successfully in the U.S. and other countries at the same time.

Many American consumers already know about and have tried the most popular Korean seafood, Gim, the seaweed snack. Since our promotions of Korean seafood through "K-Seafood Global Weeks," many Korean products such as seaweed, kelp, fish cake, gimbop, etc. are getting recognition and gaining popularity with customers.

All of its delicious seafood is from Korea!

Also, when introducing K-FISH seafood products through KGW, we stress the clean ecological environment for its production, its strict brand usage guidelines, and its rigorous quality management. The 14 Korean seafood products available for export are: Gim (Laver Seaweed), Miyok (Sea Mustard), Oysters, Abalone, Sea Cucumbers, Fish Cake, Red Snow Crab, Seasoned Squid, Conger Eel, Flatfish, Tuna, Baby Calms, Roes, and Mackerel.

For more information, please visit our website at www.kfish.co.kr (http://www.kfish.co.kr/)

About K-FISH

K-FISH is the famous Korean Fishery national export brand that offers premium seafood for global seafood lovers. Based on its clean seas, its advanced management, and its stringent tests, K-FISH products are of the best quality and very safe. Now you can purchase its wonderful seafood in U.S. markets. Every product is a precious gift from its pure seas and matches its meticulous procedures.