Micro Center Launches Revolutionary GPU Trade-In Program

Micro Center Launches Revolutionary GPU Trade-In Program

Customers can now trade in their functional GPUs, originally purchased at Micro Center, for immediate in-store credit.

HILLIARD, Ohio, Jan. 3, 2024 Micro Center, a leading retailer of computers and electronic devices, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative GPU Trade-In Program. This new initiative invites customers to turn their old GPUs into valuable in-store credit, offering an effortless pathway to upgrade their technology and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Customers can now trade in their functional GPUs, originally purchased at Micro Center, for immediate in-store credit. This program is uniquely designed to help our customers stay abreast of the rapidly evolving tech landscape by upgrading to the latest, cutting-edge graphics cards or any other products in our extensive inventory.

The Simple, Hassle-Free Trade-in Experience

Micro Center has streamlined the trade-in process to ensure convenience and ease for our customers. The trade-in value of GPUs is determined through a user-friendly search tool, based on the GPU's serial number or order history. Customers can then schedule a GPU evaluation to confirm the operational status and eligibility of their graphics card for the trade-in program.

Upon successful evaluation, customers receive in-store credit corresponding to their GPU's value. This credit is valid across all products at Micro Center, offering flexibility and freedom of choice.

To participate, customers must ensure that their GPUs are in working condition and were originally purchased at Micro Center. The trade-in value is subject to change following a diagnostic check by our service technicians.

A Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

In line with our ongoing commitment to sustainability, the GPU Trade-In Program is a step towards a more environmentally responsible future. By trading in old GPUs, customers participate in reducing electronic waste. Micro Center will refurbish these units for resale or collaborate with certified recycling partners for proper disposal, thus extending the product's lifecycle.

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