Funding Opportunity for iTrack Software Now Accessible for All Michigan Public and Charter Schools

Funding Opportunity for iTrack Software Now Accessible for All Michigan Public and Charter Schools

iTrack by TW Consulting Pledges Support to Michigan's Section 97j Grant, Spearheading Early Behavior Intervention Tools for Unparalleled School Safety.

MICHIGAN, December 20, 2023 – iTrack, a flagship educational management system developed by Michigan-based company TW Consulting, proudly announces its steadfast commitment to supporting Michigan's Section 97j Early Behavior Intervention Tools grant. With $6 million in allocated funding, the grant aims to empower schools with dedicated tools to recognize early signs of problematic behaviors, addressing concerns related to abuse, self-harm, and violence. 

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Funded by the state legislature, this initiative ensures that every public and charter school in Michigan can benefit from iTrack's advanced platform. iTrack provides a comprehensive solution that proactively identifies, documents, and supports student well-being, fostering a secure and conducive learning environment.

Key features of iTrack include Behavioral Threat Assessment Support, allowing schools to collect data for informed behavioral threat assessments and threat assessment teams. The system also supports Intervention for Abuse and Self-Harm, providing essential tools to prevent and address incidents of abuse and self-harm among students.

In Michigan, many schools currently use manual processes like paper forms and spreadsheets for tracking student behaviors. Transitioning to iTrack provides a centralized, district-wide digital platform, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency.

Recognizing the need for effective training and support, iTrack offers a robust training and support package. This includes ensuring that school staff receives the necessary training and ongoing support to maximize the platform's effectiveness.

"iTrack empowers Michigan schools to address behavioral concerns at an early stage, promoting a safe and supportive atmosphere for both students and staff. Our platform is designed to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and ensure a proactive approach to student well-being," said Tavarski Wallace, Founder/CEO at TW Consulting/iTrack.

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