ControlCase Launches AI-Powered Accelerated Automatic Evidence Review Initiative to Further Streamline IT Certification and Compliance

ControlCase, the global leader in IT Certification and Compliance, has launched an initiative to integrate document-based evidence review powered by Artificial intelligence (AI) into its one-stop IT certification and compliance solutions.

FAIRFAX, Va., Dec. 18, 2023 This initiative demonstrates ControlCase's unwavering dedication to delivering state-of-the-art resources, simplifying compliance procedures, and providing unparalleled global customer support in a safe and secure environment.

Available through ControlCase's proprietary Compliance Hub platform, this evidence review feature provides large language model (LLM) document pre-check, real-time answers to relevant questions, and enhanced information accuracy, all while ensuring that data never leaves the ControlCase hosted environment to ensure security and privacy.

"ControlCase is poised to lead the industry with a modern approach: utilizing AI to accelerate our clients' path to IT certification and compliance." Mike Jenner, ControlCase CEO

This launch introduces powerful advantages and builds upon a world-class solution. ControlCase emphasizes technology-driven compliance services, offering streamlined audit questionnaires and cross-mapping requirements over multiple standards to leverage overlap. Therefore, ControlCase clients assess once and automatically demonstrate compliance with many standards.

ControlCase's CEO, Mike Jenner, expressed his enthusiasm about the strategic initiative, "ControlCase is poised to lead the industry with a modern approach: utilizing AI to accelerate our clients' path to IT certification and compliance. Our longtime dominance in this marketplace uniquely qualifies our clients to reap the benefits of productivity, efficiency, cost savings, and reduced human error, combined with the power of our proprietarily configured AI features."

With the use of AI, ControlCase now estimates up to 90% in time savings through the evidence review lifecycle, all while delivering the broadest array of IT compliance certifications in the market today, including PCI DSS, HITRUST, SOC 2, CMMC, ISO 27001, PCI PIN, PCI P2PE, PCI TSP, PCI SSF, CSA STAR, HIPAA, GDPR, SWIFT, and FedRAMP. The feature can be integrated with report automation for industry-leading efficiencies on the path to compliance and certification, culminating with a review by a ControlCase auditor.

Satya Rane, ControlCase's COO explains, "The launch of ControlCase's AI-powered strategy marks a pivotal moment in ControlCase's journey toward becoming the preeminent provider of tech-driven end-to-end IT compliance and certification services. This innovative integration leverages AI to save time and money, creating a seamless experience for tech and compliance professionals."

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About ControlCase: ControlCase is a globally recognized provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions. With a mission to simplify compliance and deliver tech-driven solutions, ControlCase empowers organizations to achieve and maintain compliance with ease. The company's innovative approach integrates cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and personalized support to ensure clients meet their compliance objectives efficiently and effectively.