DTS Experts Share 2024 Predictions Offering Expert Insights in Cybersecurity, Training, Contracting and Operations

DTS thought leaders, delivering cyber, consulting, and management services, pull from deep client experience to share expertise on the trends shaping the 2024 business landscape.

ARLINGTON, Va., Dec. 18, 2023 DTS, delivering cyber, consulting, and management services, shares expertise on the trends shaping the 2024 business landscape.

Looking Forward to 2024

The Next Cybersecurity Threat

Expect to see a rise in critical infrastructure cybersecurity attacks in 2024. It's lurked in the shadows for a while, with smaller attacks impacting local communities, which naturally don't get as much publicity as national impact events like the Colonial Pipeline attack. In December, a service provider was hit, bringing down over 60 credit unions, and multiple water utilities nationwide were crippled with ransomware. Despite the warnings and security mandates, many organizations have been slow to invest in comprehensive cybersecurity protection, putting their data, customers, and the national infrastructure at risk for disruption.

—Derek Kernus, CISSP, CCSP, CMMC RP, Director of Cybersecurity Operations, DTS

AI in Training & Development

In 2024, look for the application of generative AI tools to revolutionize organizational learning and development, increasing training productivity and task-specific assistance for employees. Integrating AI tools promises highly personalized and engaging training, with interactive modules, adaptive learning paths, and AI-generated stories that inspire learners to view challenges and explore opportunities for professional growth.

—Jamie A. Repesh, MS ISD, HPT, Director of Training and Development, DTS

Stability in Government Contracting

The state of government contracting is complex heading into 2024, with chaos in the political spectrum, questions about the coming election year, and the squeeze of inflation. In many businesses, high interest rates, global conflicts, and management delays define 2024 plans. Because of long-term contracts, those in the contracting community can avoid getting caught up in the flux. Look for contractors to be a stabilizing influence in the Federal sector, delivering support for our national security, our warfighters, and the functioning of our governmental agencies.

—Edward Tuorinsky, PMP, CMMI, Managing Principal, DTS

Post Pandemic Innovation

Disruption from the pandemic continues to influence the nature of Work three years after the lockdown, but not all of that influence is negative.

For some in the workforce, the flexibility they experienced during the pandemic allowed them to accelerate, initiate, and innovate. In 2024, look for a segment of highly engaged, highly motivated employees to make significant marks on their organizations and industries: using technology to ease the conflict between those in the office and those working remotely; adopting agile mindsets for faster, project-segmented work and effective utilization of all team members; and shifting corporate cultures to be more personalized—from coaching and training to core hours to incentives.

—Edward Tuorinsky, PMP, CMMI, Managing Principal, DTS

Balancing Spend and Growth

Look for labor costs to continue rising in 2024 and for many companies to cut operational expenses in response—in sales, marketing, IT, and accounting. We'll see a handful of companies stand out for navigating this trend differently; they will pull far ahead of competitors by refusing to reduce areas that support their growth and accepting the risks. For those wanting to join these movers, it's critical to get bullish on recurring expenses: the sneaky costs for unused technology, apps, subscriptions, and even office space that add up company-wide.

—Col Brian Sims, USAF Ret., Director of Operations, DTS

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