AIIR Consulting unveils an upgraded AI coaching feature set to transform the executive coaching industry

AIIR Consulting unveils an upgraded AI coaching feature set to transform the executive coaching industry

Aiiron™, an artificial intelligence (AI) coaching assistant, now features powerful generative AI designed to help leaders understand and overcome the challenges they encounter between coaching sessions. Developed by AIIR Consulting, a global coaching and leadership development provider, the new and improved Aiiron is the latest addition to a suite of coaching technology that delivers an enhanced experience, effortless administration, unmatched insights, and unparalleled results to companies across the Fortune 500 and around the world.

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 14, 2023 AIIR Consulting is releasing a smarter Aiiron™, a powerful AI coaching assistant proven to increase the impact of executive coaching. This week, AIIR revealed that Aiiron is now equipped with generative AI. This transformative new feature will elevate the executive coaching experience, empower leaders to overcome their challenges and achieve greater change, and deliver unmatched outcomes for organizations.

AI that Enhances Human Coaching

"Since its inception, AIIR Consulting has stayed at the cutting edge of the coaching industry. With the launch of our generative AI chatbot, we are combining psychology, technology, and human expertise in a way that produces truly powerful results for our clients and their organizations."

A tech-enabled executive coaching and leadership development firm, AIIR Consulting has seen the change its roster of world-class coaches can create for leaders and their organizations — improved strategic thinking, increased performance, and incredible outcomes. However, change is complicated. And, most of the change a leader achieves over the course of a coaching engagement happens between sessions, as leaders work to use new skills, habits, and behaviors to overcome the challenges they encounter daily.

"In more than a decade of providing executive coaching to leaders across industries and organizational levels, we've seen the incredible impact coaching can have. For some, it can be life changing," said Megan Marshall, Chief Customer Officer at AIIR. "But, we also know that leaders face challenges in the critical moments between coaching sessions. In these moments, Aiiron steps in to help leaders understand their challenges and how to overcome them. Over the course of a coaching engagement, that kind of real-time support has been proven to produce real results."

AI Coaching for the Challenges Leaders Encounter Each Day

Aiiron was designed to help leaders maintain focus on their development between coaching sessions. Aiiron empowers leaders to:

Aiiron's groundbreaking generative AI feature, "Coach Me," enables Aiiron to engage leaders in unstructured conversations and guide them through the challenges that come up between coaching sessions. Some examples of challenges leaders have asked Aiiron to "Coach Me" through include:

Aiiron asks thoughtful questions and listens to the answers, which helps leaders identify the causes underlying their challenges and develop strategies to overcome them. What does all of this mean for leaders and their organizations? Better performance, greater progress toward their goals, and an even greater impact from their coaching engagements.

Created with the Leading Experts in AI Coaching

AIIR created Aiiron in partnership with Dr. Nicky Terblanche, the leading expert on using artificial intelligence in coaching. Dr. Terblanche and his colleagues designed a groundbreaking AI coaching framework based on best practices in the behavioral sciences and international coaching standards and ethics. This framework was proven to make leaders 31% more likely to reach their development goals.

Aiiron Strengthens Reinforcement to Supercharges Results

But, what good is reaching your development goals if that progress doesn't stick? The AIIR® Method (Assessment, Insight, Implementation, Reinforcement) is a proven, proprietary approach to creating lasting change for leaders, teams, and organizations. Leveraging our proven methodology, Aiiron bolsters the Reinforcement phase of coaching to help leaders maintain their progress beyond the coaching engagement.

The Future of Coaching Technology

Aiiron is part of Coaching Zone® — the powerful coaching platform that makes it easy for leaders and their coaches to communicate, set goals, and share information in a seamless, secure environment — and operates on the world's most ubiquitous and secure mobile messenger: WhatsApp. That means leaders can experience all of Aiiron's benefits anytime, anywhere. Together, these technologies enhance the unmatched experience and expertise of AIIR's senior executive coaches and create unparalleled results for leaders and their organizations.

"Since its inception, AIIR has stayed at the cutting edge of the coaching industry," said Dr. Jonathan Kirschner, Founder and CEO of AIIR Consulting. "Now, with the launch of Aiiron's generative AI, we are combining psychology, technology, and human expertise in a way that thrusts the coaching and leadership development industry into the future, and produces truly powerful results for our clients and their organizations."

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