Survey Reveals Only 22 Percent of Gen Zers Use ChatGPT for Resumes, Most Land Jobs and Higher Pay

When using ChatGPT for resume and cover letter creation, Gen Zers supply the AI tool with details on their skills, education and work history

SEATTLE, May 24, 2024, the leading platform for free professional resume templates and examples, has published a recent survey report examining the impact of ChatGPT usage on the job search process of Gen Zers. The report also delves into the types of information shared by ChatGPT users. Experts from surveyed 2,921 Gen Zers aged 18 to 27, residing in the United States, who are currently seeking or recently sought employment.    

According to the survey, 22 percent of Gen Zers reported using ChatGPT to assist in their recent job searches. Among these respondents, 83 percent utilized the AI tool for resume development, and 63 percent used it for crafting cover letters. In creating these job application materials, Gen Zers report supplying ChatGPT with key information including skills, education, years of work experience, and descriptions of previous jobs.

"Some Gen Zers might feel safer or more likely to succeed with assistance from their parents on job applications instead of using ChatGPT," says ResumeTemplates' Executive Resume Writer Andrew Stoner.

"It is somewhat surprising that only a minority of Gen Zers are using AI technology for job applications," says ResumeTemplates' Executive Resume Writer Andrew Stoner. "Based on ResumeTemplates' previous study, as many as 70% of Gen Zers are getting help from their parents in the job search process. Some Gen Zers might feel safer or more likely to succeed with assistance from their parents on job applications instead of using ChatGPT. Their parents might also be dissuading them from using the tool."

Among ChatGPT users, 56 percent report they "frequently" get responses from employers, while 34 percent "occasionally" do, and 10 percent "rarely" or never do. Moreover, 98 percent confirm securing at least one interview, with 93 percent receiving two or more interview offers. Of those interviewed, 90 percent received a job offer. With such outcomes, 93 percent of Gen Z ChatGPT users express they are "very likely" or "likely" to use ChatGPT on future job applications.

This survey was conducted in May 2024, and a total of 2,921 U.S. respondents ages 18 to 27 were surveyed. To participate, respondents had to confirm they had searched for a job within the last year. To view the complete report, please visit:

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