StrikeTru Rapidly Replatforms Becker's School Supplies to Akeneo PIM

Becker's School Supplies, a trusted supplier of educational supplies, joined forces with StrikeTru, a leader in data & eCommerce solutions, to embark on a digital transformation journey. This partnership was focused on re-platforming Becker's to Akeneo PIM, with the goal of swiftly streamlining eCommerce operations with the new PIM system.

HOUSTON, May 24, 2024 Facing a critical need to switch its PIM system, which was approaching sunset in a few weeks. Becker's was looking for a new PIM system and chose Akeneo (Enterprise Edition) for its industry-leading features and future-proof capabilities.

Recognizing the need to replatform quickly and efficiently, Becker's School Supplies turned to StrikeTru, the longest-standing Akeneo partner in the US and a renowned expert in high-risk, fast-moving projects. StrikeTru's track record of delivering timely and successful Akeneo implementations made us the ideal partner for Becker's School Supplies.

Selecting StrikeTru for our Akeneo PIM implementation was spot on. Their expertise, timely delivery, and stellar support made all the difference. - Rob Bonczkiewicz, eCommerce Manager, Becker's School Supplies

The overarching goal of the project was extraction, conversion, and migration of their product data, categories, digital assets, product relationships and other essential data from the legacy PIM system to Akeneo Enterprise. With a catalog comprising 10,000+ SKUs, 20,000+ images, and hundreds of product relationships, the project required meticulous planning and execution.

With StrikeTru spearheading the project, Becker's School Supplies was able successfully launch its new digital infrastructure and ensured uninterrupted eCommerce operations. From identifying requirements to rigorous testing, precision and efficiency were paramount at every stage. This transition was skillfully orchestrated for successful launch.

Reflecting on the completion of this project, here is why it was a success:

"Guiding Becker's through this project reflects our dedication to delivering expert Akeneo PIM implementation services. We're proud to support their journey to efficiency and growth." - Vik Gundoju, Founder, StrikeTru

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