Alquist 3D and Aims Community College Offer Online 3D Concrete Printing Course

Alquist 3D and Aims Community College Offer Online 3D Concrete Printing Course

Alquist 3D's course curriculum offers a gateway to careers in the burgeoning 3D-printed homes and infrastructure industry.

GREELEY, Colo., May 23, 2024 Alquist 3D, a 3D printing construction technology company, in partnership with Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado, today announced the curriculum for a new training course that will offer students a gateway to job opportunities in the rapidly growing field of 3D-printed homes and infrastructure. The course is part of a larger plan for making Greeley the global epicenter of 3D construction printing research and development.

The fully online, four-unit, 30-hour certificate course is scheduled to start being offered in July 2024. The modest $250 tuition is meant to make entry-level 3D-printing education affordable. The course will fuel collaboration between Alquist 3D and Aims Community College students and faculty on future residential and infrastructure projects. The certificate is the first offering in the discipline by the College. A more extensive curriculum is in development and will be offered in the future.

"We believe 3D printing is the gateway for people to enter into an evolving and cutting-edge trade," said Alquist 3D Founder and Chairman Zachary Mannheimer. "Developing this curriculum in collaboration with Aims Community College has been an exciting step toward achieving our shared vision of robust job training and workforce development for 3D printing construction."

The course's four units will deliver fundamental knowledge about 3D printing technology and carbon-neutral material processes that are vital to a career in this innovative new discipline:

Those interested in the course can visit to learn more and sign up to be notified when it's available.

About Alquist 3D
Alquist 3D is a 3D Construction Printing company that uses cutting-edge technology to create homes, buildings, and other structures aimed at decreasing the cost of homes and solving the housing crisis. Alquist has invested years of research into 3D-printing technology and material. In addition to homes, Alquist is conducting R&D to build new public and private infrastructure using 3D-printing technology. Visit to learn more.

About Aims Community College
Aims Community College is one of the most progressive two-year colleges in Colorado. Founded more than 50 years ago in Greeley, Aims has since established locations in Fort Lupton, Loveland and Windsor. Curriculum now includes 4,000 day, evening, weekend and online courses annually in more than 200 degree and certificate programs. Aims Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Aims Community College is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and an Equal Opportunity Educational Institution. Learn more at