AMSOIL Launches New Specially Formulated Car Care Products

AMSOIL Launches New Specially Formulated Car Care Products

The new AMSOIL Car Care line includes AMSOIL High-Foam Car Shampoo, AMSOIL Ceramic Spray and AMSOIL Interior Detailer.

SUPERIOR, Wis., May 23, 2024 AMSOIL has launched a line of premium car-care products engineered to help vehicles shine brighter. Known for formulating superior synthetic lubrication products, AMSOIL has applied the same commitment to quality and formulation expertise to this new line that delivers a superior car-care experience to consumers.

AMSOIL High-Foam Car Shampoo
With a powerful pH-neutral formulation, AMSOIL High-Foam Car Shampoo features a unique hybrid technology of surfactants, cleaning agents and degreasers. This anti-static, high-foam formulation lifts dirt and contaminants away while being gentle on coatings and finishes. It prevents water spots and can be used to wash by hand with a bucket, or with foam guns or foam cannons.

AMSOIL Ceramic Spray
With advanced Si02 ceramic technology, AMSOIL Ceramic Spray enhances gloss and protects plastic and painted surfaces for up to 12 months. Designed with extreme hydrophobicity to repel water, enhance gloss, prevent water spotting and cut drying time. It features a simple spray-on, wipe-off application and requires no cure time.

AMSOIL Interior Detailer
This multi-surface-use product is formulated with odor-trapping technology that's free from dyes, films and silicone. AMSOIL Interior Detailer cleans and restores like-new luster on plastic, trim, dashes or screen displays without leaving behind streaks or greasy residue. Available in scent-free or light-lemon varieties that offer UV protection for 90 days.